Sims 2 Big Brother Challenge (Week 1, part 1)


Hello! This is my attempt at a Big Brother Challenge in The Sims 2. I’ve seen rules for TS3 so I’m basing my game on those and modify acording to the game.

I’m going to start with 10 sims, up there you see only 7 because I had already created the last 3 and I’m going to add them to the house throught the Tombstone of Life and Dead, since I don’t have a mod to allow bigger households.


Anyway, the theme of my game is that I’ve been watching the recent version of BB from my country and I realized it was too straight, come on you put 16 (?) people in a house and they are ALL straight. I’m tired, we exist and we deserve visibility. Even in a stupid show and even through pixels.

So yeah, all my sims are gay, lesbian or bi. They are also created from my stories (I write ficcion), so no randomized, oops at that rule. But I think it’ll work fine.


Here is my house. I like boxes with ceilings why? Acording to the rules I have one comunal bathroom, one luxury room for the Hoh, one kitchen, one comunal bedroom, one living room and an extra room for the challenge of the week.


The Hoh bedroom is the only one that has electronics and decor. Tv, videogames, a bookcase and a confortable doble bed. To the right the kitchen. I learned from asylum playing that with uncontrolable sims is better to have the oven far from other things.


Pretty much finished. I don’t have enough sleeping space but whatever, I think it makes it more entertaining.



And that’s it!


I’m cheating my last 3 sims here, there’s the Tombstone.



Oh yeah, my pre-made sims come with defined sexual orientation lol. This is going to be fine.


I also have ACR.

So yeah, a house full of (10!) sims. ACR on. This is going to be FUN.


Get in line! Yes, sorry about the plumbob, I try to avoid it most of the time but when I have all my sims in the same place is too hard.

I’m going to introduce them with their bios from the story they originaly belong (I chose the most apropiate LGB characters from two of my main stories: Quimeras and Datam). Still, the game gives them a tabula rasa, and in some cases that’s actually better.

Quimeras is a story about regular people that are also witches and have to save the world while living a normal life in Buenos Aires. It’s setted in early 2000.

DATAM is a sci fi story about a group of criminal recluted by a former princess to help her get back to her throne. It’s setted on space, after the earth exploted and humans populated other planets.



Name: Ana. Universe: Quimeras NG.


Mini-bio: Ana is a vampire. But a really apathetic one. She doesn’t put energy unto anything, so she is mostly a harmless one. Because she is too lazy, and bored. When she was alive she was a teenager obsessed with yaoi and dressing as a lolita. And now she is un-dead.

Orientation: pansexual. Aspiration: Romance.

Stats: 7/8/2/5/3 (that is: sort of neat, really lazy and kind of mean).



Name: Aquiles. Universe: Quimeras NG.


Mini bio: Aquiles is a wizard, pretty much like everybody he knows. He is the youngest of his family and his group of friends and that always annoys him. He is still trying to figure out what he wants from life. He is tired of everybody thinking he is inmmature. He does like music and is in a band with his siblings and two friends.

Orientation: gay. Aspiration: Family.

Stats: 3/4/5/8/5 (pretty balanced, but he is really playful).



Name: Arielle. Universe: Datam.


Mini bio: Arielle grew up in a very poor family and got used to steal for a living. She has ADHD and dropped out of school to focus on helping raise her siblings. At some point she was caught stealing and was sent to jail where a former princess rescued her and invited her to joint her spaceship. She is extremly active and can’t stay 15 minutes doing the same thing. She likes girls a lot but can’t commit.

Orientation: lesbian. Aspiration: Pleasure.

Stats: 3/6/7/6/3 (I wanted her to have more active points but didn’t want to deduct from anything… I mean she is not sloppy nor evil and she is definitely outgoing and really playful so there).


Name: Deimos. Universe: DATAM.


Mini bio: Deimos was sold as a slave when he was a little kid, and lived all his life in two planets but with a similar upbringing. He always thought his only value was his appearence, as he was often used as a sex slave, or his ability to fight, as he also trained as a soldier. One day a spaceship full of criminals and an ex princess landed on his planet and he run away with them.

Orientation: gay. Aspiration: Family.

Stats: 7/3/5/3/7. (Pretty Neat, Shy and Serius but Nice) Oh, and in my story he has psychological mutism, something I can’t do here.


Name: Francisca ‘Fran’. Universe: Quimeras NG.


Mini bio: Fran likes to be really cool. She is always in the hottest club and she knows she is the hottest person there. She loves her dogs and her motorbike. And girls. Yeah, and she is a werewolf.

Orientation: lesbian. Aspiration: Romance.

Stats: 4/7/7/4/3 (I wanted her to be Outgoing and Active and she turned out a little Mean too). Also she looks more femme than the design I have in my head, where she is more of a soft butch.


Name: Guillermo ‘Will’. Universe: Quimeras NG.


Mini bio: (well, Guillermo is not a very important character but I needed him to have a balanced house). Guillermo is a human completely unaware of the magic around him. He is in a band with his sister and friends (with Aquiles too but here they don’t know each other) and likes to have fun. He is a polyamorous bisexual.

Orientation: bisexual duh. Aspiration: Popularity.

Stats: 4/7/4/6/4 (I wanted to emphazise on Outgoing and Playful without loosing the other points, grrr).


Name: Mika. Universe: DATAM.


Mini bio: Mika is a magician, though he is not very good at it. Still, he loves what he does and likes to be the center of attention and perform his illusions. He also is always trying for people to like him and he needs constant reasurance.

Orientation: bisexual. Aspiration: Fortune.

Stats: 4/7/5/5/4.  (Mostly balanced but I wanted him to be Outgoing).


Name: Miranda. Universe: Quimeras NG.


Mini bio: Miranda is a witch and is very interested in all things supernatural. She is studing journalism to get to know more about everything. She always wanted her life to be epic but is now is afraid that everything is too average to handle.

Orientation: lesbian. Aspiration: Knowledge.

Stats: 4/5/6/6/4. (at this point I’m realizing I don’t have very Neat sims, which sucks because they’re going to be cleaning after themselves. Anyway she is a balanced sim).


Name: Sonia. Universe: Quimeras NG.


Mini bio: she is Guillermo’s sister, (and also not a very important character IU). But still, she likes music, people in general, but likes to speak her mind and fight the mainstream, and be free. She is the person who’ll go coach surfing a lot.

Orientation: bisexual. Aspiration: Popularity.

Stats: 4/7/4/6/4. (The same as her brother, and I didn’t do it on purpose! I did make them actual siblings in the game, creating two random parents so they’d share the genetics and relation).


Name: Victor. Universe: Quimeras NG.


Mini bio: Victor likes reading books and a quiet night at home, but he also likes to party! He is unaware of how attractive he is to other guys (mostly becayse he can’t see himself on a mirror, minor detail). He just wants a normal life, and not being stuck saving the world, again. He also has an evil alter ego.

Orientation: gay. Aspiration: Knowledge.

Stats: 7/5/5/2/6. (he’ll be cleannig after everybody I guess, and he is Serious!).


IDK why only half of them are looking at me but oh well.

10 Sims. 1 house. 1 Acr.

None of the CC is mine btw. I mostly got it at Mod The Sims.

Also none of my supernatural sims ar supernatural in game. That’d complicate the game a little too much. But after, who know?



I defined everyone’s orientations with acr and cleaned all previous skills from my already made sims. Free Will is ON! Let’s have fun!!!


First interaction is Deimos and Arielle talking about aliens. The funny things is that they come from a sci fi universe and the others from a fantasy one.


The first to make a move is Fran and I’m not surprised. (Also in my story these two are actually canon).


Mika’s action is ‘kiss lightly’ so his very first interation with Sonia is going for the kiss!!! And he is a Fortune sim, calm down o.0


And inmediatly Sonia’s brother goes to flirt with him. That’s a love triangle!


‘Congratulations on getting a new house’ -Sonia

‘But didn’t we all get a new house?’ -Ana.


This two now. I didn’t know this was going to take so little time.


Ari: ‘Congratulations on being hot’

Mika: ‘Hey, I’m goint to flirt with you while thinking about your sister’.


BTW, the house is ready for this week’s challenge, not that anyone cares…

Anyway, Big Brother Challenge. The rules state that we start with a number of sims. I can’t control them much, but is not as strict as an Asylum, as I can prevent them from dying if I want. If I want. But I can see their stats and wants and all that.

Every week there’s a challenge. From Monday to Friday they participate on it. At the end of the week, the sim with the highest performance becomes the Head Of the House, and has access to the master bedroom, with all its perks.

The sim with the lowest performance gets evicted from the house. In the end there can be only one winner.

This week challenge: Creativity.

I put a few objects in the Challenge Room that help build Creativity. Five easels, a synthesizer, a piano, a guitar, a set of drums and a microphone. I can’t, by any means, make any sim use this objects, they have to do it on free will, and can stay there as long as they want. At the end of the week, the sim with more Creativity Skill points win and the sim with less leaves the house.

To be continued…


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